Press Releases

For almost 30 years, Zephyr Real Estate has produced custom calendars as a gift for their clients and colleagues. The calendars traditionally feature subjects unique to San Francisco. Tim Gullicksen of the Gullicksen Group is proud to continue that tradition in 2017.

This year’s calendar showcases Secret Gardens, public mini parks and privately-owned public open spaces all over the city. San Francisco is home to over 30 mini parks and more than 50 privately-owned, public open spaces. From Coleridge Mini Park, with its panoramic city views, to Juri Commons, a park originating from a stretch of one of California’s first inter-city rail links, these Secret Gardens merit exploration and a diversion from the usual clamor of the city.

Part of the calendar enterprise includes Zephyr’s tradition of giving back to the community it calls home. This year’s donation goes to The Neighborhood Beautification Program (Community Challenge Grant Program). The program donates funds to communities, businesses, schools and nonprofits to help improve their neighborhood’s public spaces. Past donations include the SF Museum and Historical Society, SF Parks Alliance, and the SF Arts Commission.

Past year’s calendars have featured movies set in San Francisco (Cinematic San Francisco), famous stairways and slides (Chutes and Ladders), and historic pubs and bars (San Francisco After Dark). These, as well as all the others, are quite collectible and reveal some of the City’s best-kept secrets.

“Our clients, friends and family truly appreciate these beautiful tributes to the city we love” says Tim Gullicksen of the Gullicksen Group. “That’s why we continue to participate in this long standing tradition.”

To receive a calendar, please contact any of the agents of the Gullicksen Group. Supplies are limited.

Last week, 28 agents and staff members at Zephyr Real Estate were acknowledged and honored for their long-term dedication and loyalty. Tim Gullicksen was honored for his 10 years with the company. “I have been with Zephyr for 10 years out of the 15 years I have worked in residential real estate in San Francisco” said Tim, adding “And they have been the best years of my careet.”

“We recognize and truly appreciate the contributions of these team members at Zephyr,” commented Randall Kostick, Zephyr’s President. “Longevity allows us to develop relationships that are mutually successful and rewarding, and we are grateful.”

Zephyr’s roster includes well over 300 full-time agents and over 100, or about one-third, of those have been with the company for more than 10 years. Zephyr continues to maintain its position as a leader in the industry for providing its agents and staff with the environment, support, technology and tools needed to succeed in a highly competitive industry.

Tim Gullicksen of the Gullicksen Group would like to remind everyone in the real estate community that we do not work in the rental market. Recently someone posing as Tim has been posting ads on Craigslist and other sites advertising condos for rent at unbelievably low prices. The photos and marketing verbiage are lifted directly from properties that are currently listed for sale. The impostor provides an email address and phone number so that prospective tenants can make contact.

The telltale sign this is utter fraud and deceit is when the impostor cannot show the rental unit in person, but offers to hold it in exchange for a deposit wired to a bank account. Never send money to a online advertiser. Never give your personal information to a landlord or property manager until after you have visited the rental unit in person.

We have spent untold hours tracking down the bank accounts of these impostors, filing police reports in multiple states, and flagging dishonest listings on various web sites. Unfortunately it is all too easy for the perpetrators to open new phony bank accounts, create new email addresses and continue their fleecing of an unsuspecting public.

Don’t be a victim of online fraud!!

The Gullicksen Group is proud to continue its support of local charities. Every year Tim Gullicksen of Zephyr Real Estate gives back to the community which has given so much to him. According to Tim “It’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to the world that we take so much from.” This year the recipients of our givig include: The Red Cross, KQED, AIDS Walk San Francisco, Muttville, The San Francisco LGBT Center, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, New Conservatory Theater, AIDS/Life Cycle, California Historical Society, GLBT Historical Society, Planned Parenthood and Alpha Sigma Phi.

The Gullicksen Group announces its acquisition of a Matterport 3D camera. This new tool in our marketing arsenal will allow us to create virtual tours for all of our listings. Matterport provides the most realistic sense of actually walking through a property online, and is the ideal platform to attract busy and out-of-town buyers. We see this becoming an essential part of every property listing in the near future.

Our team has been trained in the use of the camera, so we can provide this service directly to our clients. Whether they’re selling a 2 bedroom flat or a 3 story house this technology creates a fully immersive virtual experience that feels so real, it’s like being there.

For the prospective Buyers of our listings the Matterport provides an always-open house where they can explore the property 24/7. It also allows users to view a “dollhouse” image of the property so they can see the flow of the rooms from one floor to the next. The ability to ‘walk’ through the home is critical to a true understanding of the home’s value to the individual.