We put our clients squarely at the center of our business. They are our bosses, our focus, our sole responsibility.

The first part of buying is looking. For most Buyers this property search component is the longest part of the process. With all of the real estate websites and apps finding prospective homes should be easy, but it’s not so straight forward. Just like a dating app may help you find your ideal mate, there are a lot of real world steps that have to happen in between swiping right and walking down the aisle.

I like to say that in an increasingly digital world you need an analog agent; an agent who tours properties as they come on the market. Let me curate a weekly selection of properties that I personally have previewed. Stop the digital assault on your senses and let me be your real estate concierge.

Once you’ve found a property you like I will be there for each of the next steps. I can translate disclosures, interpret the comparable sales and explain the inspection reports so you can understand the condition of the property, and determine its actual market value.

  • We wholeheartedly recommend Tim. He is at the top of real estate agent lists for a reason, and did not let us down in our long process of finding the perfect home in SF as first time homebuyers.

    In 2012 I found Tim on Yelp and we made an appointment with him not knowing what to expect or how the process worked. Tim was knowledgeable and really has a great personality; we started visiting houses with him. After reviewing our finances and lifestyle (I then took a job out of the country for a few years) we decided not to move forward. Tim understood and said to keep in touch.

    In 2016 I moved back and we decided to take look again. It was just like picking up from where we last left off with Tim as he updated us on the market, the houses, and worked with us and our tiny (for SF standards) budget to search for a house.

    What we find special about Tim is that he is SO patient. He provided honest feedback based on what we wanted – he always took the time to answer my (what felt like thousands) emails I sent to him asking about this house or that hour or what certain things in the buyer/seller industry meant.

    We saw MANY homes and we took it slow; we bid when we really wanted a house but kept it in our budget as he kept us motivated. One day he sent us a message and said he had visited a house and knew we would like it. We LOVED IT. LOVED IT! Instead of waiting until the bidding date to submit, he contacted the selling realtor and owner on our behalf. After a week of back and forth we signed for the house.

    Following, we had problems with or mortgage company and Tim even worked with them and our new company we went with to ensure a smooth transition (along with keeping the selling realtor and owners informed).

    We could not have done it all without Tim and we are forever grateful to him. We now have a home which is perfect for us. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Tiffany T. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • So I had this crazy idea to purchase a home in San Francisco. Thanks to Tim we found our home within 2 months and moved in by the end of 3. Unheard of!

    Tim is:
    * Strategic – knows how to use time (yours and his) most effectively during the search and positions offers as attractively as possible.
    * Thorough – responds to every single question, finds and summarizes listings matching your criteria, reads through and summarizes every disclosure package.
    * Responsive – answers emails within 24 hrs (usually much less)
    * Knowledgeable – leverages his experience and knowledge of the process to guide you over hurdles and ambiguities. He also knows exactly how much a property will sell for.
    * Hilarious – keeps it light and stays positive through a stressful and frustrating process
    * Honest – manages expectations
    * Professional – As young first time home buyers, Tim took us seriously. We always felt like his only client.
    * A Closer – Tim got our offer accepted even with a higher offer on the table

    We couldn’t have done this without Tim.

    Zack C. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • I am SO glad we picked Tim to be our realtor. As first time home buyers, he held our hands through multiple offers, a deal falling through on the final day of escrow (seller’s fault), and seller’s agents who were often completely unresponsive. When we thought that we might stop house hunting altogether due to some financial uncertainty, Tim was really supportive and didn’t try to pressure us to keep looking. But once we settled our finances we did keep looking- and we got a fantastic house. I don’t know how we would have gotten through this without Tim’s help. Plus he’s really nice and funny and you will want that when you are looking at house after house after house.

    Kerry L.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Our banker recommended Tim, our friends validated Tim, and all of Yelp keeps endorsing Tim, so we didn’t think twice, we called Tim and asked him the impossible: “Help us buy a single family home with an in-law expansion in the world’s hottest market, all under $1M”.

    And as of yesterday, Tim dropped by our condo to give us the key to a massive house we never thought we could own in this hot market. We could not be happier!!!

    How did he do it? He’s hyper-patient, never pushes you to a decision, knows what every house will sell for, helps you place a bid you’re comfortable with and avoids participating in bidding wars, but rather focuses on getting you the house you truly want at the price that’s actually worth it. It of course helps a ton that every other realtor in the market respects Tim and knows that he chooses his clients well.

    It did not stop here: Tim introduced us to several bankers and helped us get an unbeatable mortgage rate, he introduced us to very qualified general contractors who will work with us to upgrade the house, and he gave us priceless advice on market trends for renovations that will add value to the house if we ever were to put it back on the market.

    We wholeheartedly recommend any serious buyer or seller to contact Tim.

    Thank you for this incredible journey Tim.

    Payman N.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • I was extremely fortunate to have Tim as my real estate agent when I was searching for my first place 6 years ago. I had been through two other agents and was frustrated that I kept being shown properties outside my price range and being pressured to “stretch” to the limit of what I could afford.

    Thankfully I met Tim.

    I was working with a mortgage broker (a very “above board” good guy) and was chatting with him about my frustration with the agents I had worked with. I asked him “Can you recommend an honest, straight shooter…does a real estate agent like that even exist” Without hesitation, the mortgage broker recommended Tim Gullicksen. I consider that conversation the start of my lucky break.

    I was searching for a TIC opportunity with another group and was stunned at Tim’s ability to handle all of the different personalities and individual agendas. We ended up with a great building in a fabulous location at a price the other two agents told us was not possible. It did take awhile to find, but Tim was very patient and persistent. He has a unique ability to really understand what you describe you are looking for. After a few months he could tell if a place was right for us without us even visiting the property (and he was always spot on).

    I can’t recommend Tim enough. In fact, I already have recommended him. My sister and her husband used Tim and found a super cute place a few years after I found mine.

    I will use Tim again. If I ever sell my unit (which is now a condo…Tim knows a lot about condo conversion and his advice was right on the money..we converted the building in 3 years!!) Tim is the only agent I would consider listing with.

    Five stars are not enough!!! I give him 10!!!

    Cheryl K.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Tim Gullicksen is one of those rare real estate agents. He helped me understand the process and in the end, helped me find a loft that I really, truly love living in. The thing that sets Tim apart is how much genuine care and concern he took to make sure that he understood what I wanted (when even I didn’t know what I wanted!) and helped me through the house hunting process. When it came time (much more quickly than I could have imagined!) to place an offer, working with Tim made the process so easy and he really helped allay the fears and concerns I had about taking this big step, and did so without compromising my interests.

    I’ll work with Tim again when it comes time to sell my place (and to buy the next), no question. As someone else said, your broker does matter.

    Jason L. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • My husband and I were lucky enough to work with Tim Gullicksen before and during the purchase of our home (which, by the way, is perfect for us) in 2007. Tim is an amazing real estate agent. Why?

    …He’s intuitive. At our initial meeting, he quickly “got” us and understood our criteria for a house — even when we couldn’t fully articulate them ourselves. As time went on and we gave him our feedback on listings and tours, he used a process-of-elimination approach to zoom in on our interests, needs, and hopes.

    …He’s hard-working. Tim emailed us listings and previewed houses for us nearly every week. He also drove us all over town (and beyond) on private tours on weekends, having made all the right calls in advance to arrange walk-throughs. Once we’d decided to make an offer, he provided support at every step, promptly transmitting time-sensitive paperwork, meeting with us so that we could read over lengthy documents together, and working in the background to ensure that the entire process ran smoothly.

    …He’s communicative and responsive. Tim called back. Period. He answered email. Period. None of our messages ever went unanswered, even at odd hours. With email, he always divided up the text of our message so that he could respond to every point and every question. My husband and I scoured listings online, knowing that we could send Tim a list of interesting properties and get his detailed comments on each one. In person, too, Tim’s a great conversationalist, and he set us instantly at ease with his open, friendly manner.

    …He’s knowledgeable. Tim knows San Francisco and the surrounding towns inside and out. My husband and I are quite new to the Bay Area, so Tim offered insights and tips on various neighborhoods as we surveyed houses. Once we’d made an offer, Tim’s expertise in the nitty-gritty details of the home-buying process was invaluable: he “translated” documents for us, explained the underlying laws, and helped ensure that all of the right pieces of the complicated puzzle were in the right place at the right time.

    …He’s honest. Tim never once pushed his own agenda; if anything, he made our agenda his own. He never tried to drum up our interest in a house we knew wasn’t a match. Instead, he cultivated an atmosphere of open-mindedness and trust that enabled all three of us to voice our opinions freely, whether we found a house appealing or awful. As the actual purchasing process got underway, he acted as our advocate, alerting us to potential issues and facilitating negotiations in a direct, thoughtful way. Moreover, in our observation, Tim was communicative and fair with the other agents and parties involved.

    …He’s flexible and patient. Although Tim was very efficient, he was also endlessly patient. We never felt rushed to make an offer. We never felt that we were asking too many questions or testing his cool.

    …He’s funny. No, scratch that: Tim is hilarious. Buying a house is serious business, as he knows, so his natural sense of humor made everything much easier and more fun than it might have been otherwise. Why cry, when you can laugh your head off instead?

    To sum it all up: Tim Gullicksen is a fabulous agent who went above and beyond at every turn. We’d recommend him to our closest friends (and already have). The bottle of champagne that he presented along with the keys to our new house only sweetened the deal. Cheers, Tim!

    Linda K.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • We were lucky enough to get Tim as our realtor. Tim is a rare find. Trustworthy, capable and resilient are some words that come to mind.

    All the other positive reviews here cover the basics, Tim knows what he is doing and is a great person. What we want to make clear is that Tim will stick it out with you even when the going gets tough. After some failed offers and many viewings (so many..), we decided to make an offer on a foreclosed property. Tim navigated us for months through the craziness of constant contract changes, inspections, figuring out potential renovation costs, and continuous doubt about whether we would actually ever close. Throughout the process he kept us informed and lead us as a team. He was truly amazing.

    We feel like we could happily go on and on about Tim. But to cut straight to it, we want to say that Tim will always be a special person to our family. When we so often over the years didn’t think it would be possible, he helped us secure a permanent home in San Francisco.

    Thank you!

    Steven G. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • As a first time homebuyer, Tim helped us purchase our first home and was amazing throughout the entire process. He made the whole experience seamless and positive and he’s currently helping us with our next property.

    Saket M. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • During my first home purchase, Tim went the extra mile to help me understand all of the details. Specifically, in the closing phase I was receiving a ton of info at a million miles per hour and Tim was able to help me understand everything that I was looking at. Super helpful, very knowledgeable.

    Thanks again Tim. Highly recommended.

    Victor C. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Tim was super helpful in helping me purchase a condo. I took my time (about a year) but he was very patient and continually answering any questions I had. He even took care of my purchase while on vacation.

    I would definitely recommend him to anyone purchasing a place in the area. Plus he has one of the coolest names I’ve ever come across.

    Tim S. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Tim was wonderful to work with. He has the best qualities we wanted as a real estate agent. First of all, he is a no-nonsense agent, straight-forward with his opinions on the market and houses, which are based on his solid knowledge and experience as well as his understanding of clients’ needs. Secondly, proactive in servicing the clients, identifying the right targets with clear rationales and showing clients around one by one. Thirdly, just his knowledge and expertise in San Francisco market is unbeatable. We would highly recommend Tim to anyone that is looking for a home in this tough market.

    Sophia Z. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟