We were lucky enough to get Tim as our realtor. Tim is a rare find. Trustworthy, capable and resilient are some words that come to mind.

All the other positive reviews here cover the basics, Tim knows what he is doing and is a great person. What we want to make clear is that Tim will stick it out with you even when the going gets tough. After some failed offers and many viewings (so many..), we decided to make an offer on a foreclosed property. Tim navigated us for months through the craziness of constant contract changes, inspections, figuring out potential renovation costs, and continuous doubt about whether we would actually ever close. Throughout the process he kept us informed and lead us as a team. He was truly amazing.

We feel like we could happily go on and on about Tim. But to cut straight to it, we want to say that Tim will always be a special person to our family. When we so often over the years didn’t think it would be possible, he helped us secure a permanent home in San Francisco.

Thank you!

Steven G. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim is simply amazing. If you’re looking for property in San Francisco you need to talk to him.
We worked with 3 other realtors before finding Tim on Yelp and the difference was immediately obvious.
Tim knows the city inside out, he’s a pro when it comes to the home buying process, he will never pressure you to buy a place, he will answer your emails and calls in no more than a couple of hours regardless of how many you have and what time of the day it is.
We looked for a whole year and had many failed bids but Tim never lost interest in us and was always helpful and patient.
Months after we closed we’re still getting valuable help and advice from Tim and he’s still answering our emails within minutes.

H K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My wife and I were evicted after decades in the City and stressed out with the prospect of facing a nearly impossible SF housing market. A friend recommended Tim and from our first meeting we knew he was not only a great human being, but he would be our trusted guide through every step of the process.

Tim has a deep knowledge of San Francisco neighborhoods, home construction, offer strategies and solid relationships with other agents. Most importantly, he is a problem solver who listens. If we had a question, Tim would respond immediately. If we disagreed with a recommendation, Tim took it to heart and we adjusted our goals. We’ve heard of agents who push their clients just to get a sale. Tim is the exact opposite. He gets to know you, and does everything to ensure that the home you buy is perfectly suited to your needs.

When the dust settled, my wife and I were able to buy a cottage in Ingleside and couldn’t be happier. Huge thanks to Tim for all his hard work.

Scott M. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

If you are looking for the best agent in SF then please contact Tim. His knowledge of SF is just amazing. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and would totally recommend him to all our friends and family.

Gagan C. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I was a first time home buyer in this crazy city of SF in July of 2016. 40 years old, renting in the city for 20 years. I was intimidated by the housing market but decided to explore. I contacted Tim Gullicksen in June of 2016 based on his Yelp reviews. One of the best decisions of my life.

I was immediately impressed by Tim’s accommodating nature. I usually get off work at 6 pm. Tim accommodated my schedule and met me at 6:45 PM. Tim initially interviewed me about my likes and dislikes with property. Tim laid out realistic expectations. Prior to meeting, I sent Tim several homes I was interested in. Tim had visited the condos and presented me with the disclosures on day 1.Very cool.

The first condo I wanted to bid on was 50K out of my league. But Tim encouraged me to write an offer, and he wrote it with the same enthusiasm as he did my next offer (which I actually purchased). Tim knew I was under bidding but he still took the time to write an offer and he seemed excited about it.

Turned out I purchased my back up plan, a beautiful condo in Potrero Hill / Soma. I regret not purchasing a condo earlier in life. Better late that never. If I knew there were agents like Tim, with no pressure, thorough, and encouraging from the start , I would have purchased years ago.

I don’t know if Tim surfs, but I do. I feel Tim has a surfer attitude, laid back and cool. But at the same time, he is diligent and thorough.

First time home buyers……..Call Tim, You wont regret, This guy met me at my girlfriends birthday party in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, to drop off my condo keys to me . I am super stoked wth my new Condo. Best decision I made in my adult life. Tim laid the road for an incredibly smooth process.

Thank you Tim. I will be contacting you this week for some real estate guidance.
might be selling my parents house……….

Kenny M. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim has been a trusted advisor, partner and friend since I first bought a TIC 12 years ago. This year, I reached out just to see what the market might have that met the new needs for our family. He (almost) immediately connected me with an amazing new home. He listened carefully to what I was looking for, found it, and then guided me through a complex offer and buying process. Then he turned around and helped upgrade, market, and quickly sell our old home. When the market took some unexpected turns he helped keep me calm and ensured I got a fair price within the timeframe I needed. He has tremendous experience with the SF market and a true focus on customer service. Throughout the past 12+ years, he has always been available to answer questions, provide advice and make me laugh. Thank you Tim!

Liz A. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim was my primary real estate broker for both the sale and a purchase of my primary home in 2008. I owned a tri-level 1,300+ Sq. ft loft in the Dog Patch district of San Francisco and Tim helped me with the sale of the loft. Shortly thereafter, Tim helped me buy a two-unit home in the Mission district of San Francisco. While I had worked with many real estate brokers in my past, Tim was clearly the best agent I worked with. I believe the most important part of being a great broker are his/her knowledge, and his/her promptness in addition to being able to think on his/her feet and to be able to think for the client.
In all of these aspects, Tim was superb. Tim was always available to answer any questions I had, and since sale or purchase of a home is a nerve wracking process, Tim with his knowledge assuaged any worries I had. In addition, I never waited for more than a few hours for Tim to return my call, which for me was very important. When Tim did not have an answer, he promptly researched and got back to me with satisfactory answers. It did not appear to me that Tim took the short cut by telling me an answer which was not properly backed up. In addition, being a SF homeowner himself, he had ideas of what the buyers and sellers are looking for, and gave me proper advice.

Lastly, Tim was always honest, and regarding the price reduction that my loft had to go through, Tim was always up-front, without playing games which I have heard that some brokers play in order to retain a client. I never had to second guess his professional opinion.

I am currently contemplating on selling my house due to a potential job related move, and I will definitely obtain Tim’s help again this time around.

Mori K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

If we had to do it again, we would do it with Tim.

My wife and I had a very particular type of property in mind. We found two ads on Redfin in our price range. When we went to see the first one, Tim told us that it will go for much more than the asking price. The listing agent of the second was not returning calls and e-mails, but Tim’s persistence paid off. When we finally saw it, Tim told us it will go for less and we can be bold. We made a low offer on this second, and after some bickering got it for a very good bargain. Tim’s feeling for the price saved us at least a hundred thousand, and may be much more. And the first one? It was sold for 2.5 times the asking price.

Few things about Tim. He is very quick to respond, unless he is with a client of course. I don’t think there was a question that he didn’t respond to the same day. His responses were always insightful, informative and to the point. He is not pushy at all and will not tell you what he thinks unless you ask. He is a pleasant person to deal with, which is a nice bonus.

Moreover, sellers agent gave wrong information to the escrow company, and the difference was worth a few thousand bucks. When we found out, the deal was closed and Tim had no financial interest in helping us. Yet he put a good effort into that, and we got all the difference refunded within a couple of weeks.

We had only one issue with Tim. During the contingency period he went on vacation, notifying us only a day before he left. His business partner helped us while he was away. While he was gone we hit some problems, and they were difficult to resolve with another agent, who didn’t have a deep knowledge of the situation’s background. So if you go for Tim (which I highly recommend), make sure you know his vacation plans in advance.

Victor K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My husband and I were first time sellers – STRESSFUL! BUT Tim was so a-mazing! Not only did he help guide us through the process, he was emotionally supportive through it all. He’s extremely knowledgeable and savvy. His insight on the market positioned our home to sell in less than a week! Like I said, he’s A-MAZING! Clearly, he’s VERY good at what he does – a true professional, but what I like most about Tim is that he’s personable and so patient. He was so accommodating to our relentless questions and was always very honest, communicative and we felt reassured knowing that he was on our team. This is such a competitive market. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help navigate it. When we’re back on the market to buy, no doubt about it, we are calling Tim.

Debbie L. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim helped my wife and I buy our first home in the city. We could not have asked for a better person to work with throughout the process. Tim was patient, super responsive, and very flexible. We had a busy schedule and couldn’t make it out to too many open houses so he would send us his recommendations that matched exactly with what we were looking for. He even took us out on tours in the east bay when we weren’t sure which side of the bridge to choose! We went from first offer to home ownership in less than 2 months. There’s a reason Tim has all these amazing reviews– he’s just that good! Without a doubt, we expect to work with Tim again when we’re ready for our next investment.

Dan A. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I’m a first-time homebuyer. I selected Tim based on the review on yelp. He was very quick to reply any of my questions and concerns. I like simple and transparency. Tim was the person who guide me and he never try to push me…he always gave me unbiased opinion. Tim knows all neighborhoods in the city very well. I got condo my condo in my first try in this competitive SF market. He is excellent and one of the best in SF. Thanks, Tim.

Niaz K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim helped us find our condo at a time when bidding wars were the norm. We were very nervous and concerned about finding a home that would check most of our boxes. Tim helped us see that we needed to adjust our expectations, and presented a balanced and varied group of properties. He remained calm in the eye of the storm. Very few homes were on the market at the time! Tim’s detailed knowledge of neighborhoods was essential to our finding the right place in the right area. His guidance through the process of bidding in a very competitive environment enabled us to present a winning bid. We highly recommend Tim as a buyer or seller’s real estate agent!!

April S. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim recently helped my husband and me sell our house in the Parkside District of SF. He was extremely professional and great to work with in every aspect. Great communicator, very knowledgeable about the housing market and offered sound advice on how to get the most for our house. He was right on the mark that an aggressive listing price would generate tremendous interest. He helped us to get competitive bids on work needed to get the house ready. He brought in multiple (9) offers and our house went for well above asking. My husband and I were very happy with the final price. Tim made what was a very stressful time for our family as smooth as could be with his easy going sense of humor, down to earth but disciplined attitude and professional demeanor. I would recommend Tim to anyone buying or selling in SF.

Sujung K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

There’s little I can say about Tim that others haven’t already said. Nonetheless: Tim was an absolute pleasure to work with and about as helpful as I think any human could be in helping to find a place to call home. As first time home buyers, and in a crazy bay area market, it was Tim’s expertise that put us at ease and kept us sane. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and honest. We’ve already recommended him to friends and we give him our highest endorsement to anyone looking to buy a home.

Mikey G. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I started working with Tim after having a less than ideal experience with another real estate agent and missing out on a great house when the SF housing market was colder. The result with Tim was a success which is no easy feat in the white hot bernal hts housing market.
Tim found the place and sealed the deal. It is essential in the SF housing market to have an agent who is familiar with all of the players, idiosyncracies and neighborhoods. I was very impressed with Tim’s knowledge of SF’s history and real estate. He is almost always available and very pleasant to work with.
Tim is very patient; we looked at a lot of properties in our search!
I was also impressed at how well Tim was able to find properties that matched my needs and desires; he almost developed a better sense of the property that I needed than I did!
I would strongly recommend Tim as a real estate agent, you will be very satisfied.

Rey D. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

As a first time homebuyer, Tim helped us purchase our first home and was amazing throughout the entire process. He made the whole experience seamless and positive and he’s currently helping us with our next property.

Saket M. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim is great. He is competent, efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous. Highly recommended. It was a difficult transaction and he knew exactly what to do.

Ian F. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I recently sold a condo in SF and Tim worked tirelessly on my behalf. If you have ever sold property and felt that you weren’t sure what the realtor actually did to earn his or her commission, you will not feel that way with Tim. He worked doggedly and earned every penny! I was frustrated that half the commission had to go to the buyer’s agent because I felt he deserved it far more. I was selling a tiny unit in Low Pac Heights. He recommended that we update it which was something that simply sounded like a lot of work and hassle to me. Well, it was a lot of work but he handled every detail of it. He dealt with the HOA, with the contractors and stagers, he even fronted the cash for it so that I had no out of pocket expense and could instead reimburse him from the sale proceeds at closing. He dealt with many an HOA headache and demand. He kept me informed throughout the process. And he got me the best possible price. He is savvy, experienced and he really knows the nuances of the SF market. I would highly recommend him. He is the best realtor I have have ever worked with.

Renata K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I don’t have other real estate agents to compare him to, but Tim was really helpful during our home buying search. It felt like he was advocating for us and he really made sure we understood the process. He answered our questions like it was the first time he ever heard them and he didn’t make us feel like total losers for not having millions of dollars to spend. Tim’s business partner Virginia is also awesome.

In the end we bought a cute little house within our price range and just in time for our new baby. We couldn’t be happier.

Vanessa B. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim’s help was invaluable for a first-time home buyer. When I first reached out to Tim, he responded within a day and we set up a meeting right away. Given the success Tim has, I’m constantly surprised by how responsive he is — never has an email gone unresponded for more than 24 hours. Given that I’m sure he works with clients all over the pricing spectrum, he never made us feel like we were less prized because we were looking for a smaller home size.

I’ve had some friends ask if having a broker is essential. In my opinion, particularly for a first-time buyer, Tim’s advice was very useful especially during the bidding process. He advised us how to approach waiving of conditions, pricing strategy, and what to expect from the seller.

We even asked Tim about renovations and other advice, and he was happy to share his insight as a broker and homeowner himself.

Would absolutely recommend Tim as a broker, particularly for those newer to the market.

Yan K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

As new transplants to San Francisco, we were very apprehensive about the real estate market in the City. Tim helped guide us through the process and made it easy and (yes!) fun, which we never imagined happening after hearing all the horror stories about multiple bids, lost offers, etc Tim is the absolute best; very thorough, thoughtful, and entirely professional. We look forward to working with him again when we are ready to sell!

Raymond H. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim helped us find and buy our condo this summer, and we LOVED working with him. We knew we wanted to work with a buyer’s agent to help us navigate the crazy San Francisco market so we interviewed a couple of agents. We picked Tim because he was both honest and realistic. You could tell that he was in it for the long haul – even if it took us years to find a house, he was going to help us find our perfect home.

Tim’s methods worked wonderfully for us. We first spent some time together with him outlining what we wanted and then Tim organized an open house tour together. He gave us tips on what to look out for, and noted down our preferences. From then on, he sent us an email every Friday with 4-6 listings we should check out over the weekend. It was very efficient and great for our sanity – we knew that we didn’t have to check Redfin obsessively (though sometimes we did anyway) and could just depend on the regular email. If we emailed him during the week, as other reviewers have said, he is extremely responsive.

Lastly, Tim’s coaching when it comes to making an offer is probably what we are most grateful for. His single best piece of advice to us, “Make the highest offer you are happy to make.” Other friends have worked with realtors who insist that if they want to make an offer on a certain place, they have to be willing to offer X% over to win. Tim never once said that to us – sure, he pulled the comps and helped us understand how other properties were valued, but he never pressured us in any way to offer an amount we weren’t comfortable with. And he never told us not to offer on a place, even when the odds were against us. His theory: “You definitely can’t win if you don’t offer.” Makes sense!!! 🙂

Thanks to Tim we purchased an amazing condo which we’re madly in love with. Thank you Tim!!!

Cat U. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

We recently bought a SF apartment – our first time purchasing – and we couldn’t be more grateful to have had Grant as our broker. He provided invaluable advice and insight at every single step of the way. He’s deeply knowledgeable about all parts of the home buying process (and even many tangentially related topics) and cares deeply about putting his clients in the very best situation that he can. He’s was incredibly attentive and sympathetic to our needs at every stage and went above and beyond to make himself available whenever we needed him.

Paige C. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

We started worked with Tim November, 2013. We have been working with another realtor all year without being able to get our bids for properties seriously considered. By December, we were moving into our new place.

And that was the key, Tim knows the SF real estate market and since he has many years in the industry, other realtors know him. His word is taken seriously and other realtors will prefer his offers over others.

If you are looking at buying a property in SF, you need to consider a realtor that is local, knows the market and is well known and respected among his/her piers. That way your offer is always considered and other realtors will try to do business with you instead of others.

Best of luck!

Nicole K. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim Gullicksen is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is extremely knowledgeable, communicative, and — most importantly — he puts your interests first. Unlike many other real estate agents, who pressure you to buy houses that are out of your price range, Tim listens to your needs and wants you to find the house that is perfect for you as well as realistically affordable.

During our first meeting, we ran through a list of needs and wants for our first home. We targeted a price range, neighborhoods, discussed square footage, etc. Here Tim’s market knowledge really shines. He has a very good idea of the real value of a property and gave words of wisdom when he said that sometimes you will lose a bid, but that’s OK, because the winner is paying too much!

As we went through the bidding process and the whirlwind closing process, Tim’s responsiveness with email really shined. He answered many emails within minutes, even when it was sent past midnight or at 6 a.m. I’m not sure when the guy sleeps!

And to top it all off, he’s a really friendly, charming guy. Looking at houses with him is like house hunting with a good friend, who just happens to be extremely knowledgeable about real estate!

So if you or anyone you know is looking for a house in San Francisco or the peninsula, definitely call Tim! He’s a keeper!

Yolanda Y. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Buying a house in San Francisco is very streeful. Every open house we’ve been to was packed with buyers. In this super competitive market, we bought our first home in a wonderful neighborhood at a great price. It was our first time making an offer and our offer was accepted by the seller. We were lucky to have Tim as our agent.

We were actively looking for 8 months and Tim was super patient with us. At one point, we had to take a break and started looking outside of San Francisco. Tim was kind enough to refer us to another agent from his company and totally cool about the situation. We never felt pressured for any decisions that we made/not made.

Tim is SUPER quick with emails. Sometimes, we would get a response within a matter of minutes. We had some complication with the offer due to that the house was being pre-foreclosed and Tim kept us updated along the process. He has all the resources that we needed (loan officer and inspector) he even reminded us to set up our garbage and utility accounts before our escrow closes. I also appreciate that he took his time to review the entire disclosure with us to make sure we understand everything.

If you are looking to buy a house in SF, definitely give him a call!

Sheng S. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim is the kind of professional who will cause you to register for a yelp account, if you don’t have one, just so you can write yet another great review for him. I have been an active yelp user for a few years and have found many great recommendations here, but this time I had no choice but register for an account and write my very first review.

It is not easy to find a good real estate agent. The way the system is set up, there is an inherent conflict of interest between the buyer and their own agent. The more you pay, the more commission your agent gets, and therefore the less motivated they are to be transparent with you and give you honest feedback on properties and your search. Now, it’s not all hopeless — there are some agents out there who realize that if they are truly helpful and straightforward with their clients, they will actually feel good about the experience and will happily refer their friends, colleagues, and neighbors, not to mention return to their agent next time they buy/sell a home. They are there long term and they are truly motivated to help you. Tim is one of those very few, and it really puzzles me why more agents don’t try to be more like him to get more business.

Seriously, where do you find an agent who will give you honest feedback about properties? Not just “That house is really nice. You should go check it out!”, but both the good things and the bad things too. Who will warn you there may be potential issues worth thinking about _before_ you actively point them out yourself? What agent will tell you, after seeing a house you expressed interest in, that he actually didn’t really like it and thought you could do better? That you could find a house that had a better view in the same neighborhood or that
didn’t have an issue you didn’t even notice? Tim will.

Personally, I think there is nothing more important in a real estate agent than trustworthiness. You need to be able to rely on your agent and trust their advice in order to be successful, especially in a crazy market.

But that’s not all of it. Tim actually listens! He actively listens to all the feedback you give him on the properties you see and he remembers even tiny little details about what you are looking for. He might even offer some new ideas that you haven’t thought of before that are worth thinking about.

Tim is patient, diligent, and trustworthy. He is very knowledgeable about the market and happens to be a great listener. That’s a rare combination in his field. If you are looking for a great agent, give Tim a try.

Ann A. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Second AND third time’s the charm… Tim helped me find my first San Francisco property, a condo in Potrero Hill, some five years back during much slower times. Now, in today’s crazy property market, he not only helped me and my partner sell the same place at a terrific price, but also facilitated our finding a new place, a home in Ingleside in a fabulous location for this emerging neighborhood. Tim’s research and facts are on point as always, and he makes for a most knowledgeable navigator of the market in this ever-changing city.

David J. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I was a first time seller and I was clueless how the process worked. When I first contacted Tim, he promptly returned my email and visited me at my home right away.

I was nervous and fearful of selling my home that I lived in for 30+ years. Tim was calm and courteous and he walked me through the step by step process of selling my house. He was honest in letting me know what to expect (e.g. the price range of the house) and answered all my questions thoroughly. When I was signing the final documents, Tim took the extra time to explain what each document meant so that I understood exactly what I was signing.

The home and yard needed a lot of work before we put it on the market. Tim and his team took charge! They gathered bids so I could decide what work I wanted to do, and how much I was willing to spend. They really made the house shine!!!

One of the things I really liked about Tim is that he always kept me informed about what was going on. He even emailed me a schedule of important dates to remember such as an inspector coming over to view the house. He made me feel part of the selling process and that my opinion mattered. If there were any steps that had to be taken, Tim would talk to me first before going through with the next step.

After the house was sold, I was faced with the next challenge of where to live. Tim looked high and low to find a house that fit my needs. Through his extra efforts he found the perfect house across the bridge.

That’s the kind of guy Tim is. He would put his clients above everything else.

Get this guy. You won’t be disappointed.

Wil F. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My wife and I moved to the Bay Area a year ago and decided to start looking for a place of our own. We both grew up overseas and are first-time home buyers, so we needed an agent who would guide us through the process. Tim did so in an incredibly professional and friendly way. In a market as fast-paced as San Francisco, Tim was an island of calm that we could turn to for advice and guidance throughout the process. We found an appraiser and lender through Tim’s network, both of which turned out to be excellent. We also appreciated how Tim would always respond to our emails and text messages really quickly. Overall I can’t imagine a better guide to the SF real-estate market and we would definitely want to work with Tim if we enter the market again, as buyers or sellers.

Alex F. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim is a great agent. He is friendly, and respectful, and very knowledgeable about the sf market. His market analysis was always spot on. But what makes Tim very special is that he was never pushy with us. He’d present the data and make recommendations but never pushed us beyond what we were comfortable with. We felt like we could really trust him to have our best interest at heart, unlike many agents in sf who just want to close as many deals as possible, as quickly as possible.

Danielle A. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I worked with Tim last year to sell my condo in the city. It was my first time selling a property, and Tim was incredibly helpful to work with over the entire process, from discussing pre-sale improvements, finding a stager, handling the paperwork and disclosures, and pricing strategy.

Even in a hot market, it was trickier than I had expected. My condo had some unusual features that would not have appealed to every buyer. But Tim has a real wealth of market knowledge and, after some early surprises, I wound up getting an offer that I was more than happy with.

Throughout the process, he couldn’t have been more accessible or supportive. I would highly recommend him to any seller.

Ted E. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim was wonderful to work with. He has the best qualities we wanted as a real estate agent. First of all, he is a no-nonsense agent, straight-forward with his opinions on the market and houses, which are based on his solid knowledge and experience as well as his understanding of clients’ needs. Secondly, proactive in servicing the clients, identifying the right targets with clear rationales and showing clients around one by one. Thirdly, just his knowledge and expertise in San Francisco market is unbeatable. We would highly recommend Tim to anyone that is looking for a home in this tough market.

Sophia Z. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

We were very happy to work with Tim. Being foreigners we had lots of concerns about buying a house in San Francisco. Tim was very patient and answered all our questions and explained all the nuances about the process. We bought a house very quickly and everything went very smoothly. It really helped to have an agent who is so competent and well known among others.

Dalia V. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My husband and I worked with Tim Gullicksen last year to buy our house in SF. It took us awhile to figure out exactly what we wanted and could afford, and Tim was so supportive throughout the whole process. For Tim, it’s all about relationship-building and making sure his clients are happy.

In addition to possessing an incredible knowledge of SF neighborhoods and houses, Tim is smart, funny, and intuitive. Our search never even felt stressful thanks to Tim’s integrity, friendliness, patience, and responsiveness. I have never run across a realtor who has this complete package.

We respect Tim so much that we have recommended him to several of our friends, all of whom rave about working with Tim. In fact, one friend just closed escrow last week!

We are incredibly grateful to Tim, and will work with him the next time we buy or sell!

Lee S. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim was recommended to us by a friend claiming that he was the ‘best in the business’. 2 bids later and having won the house that we wanted in this *insane* Bay Area market, we couldn’t agree more. As first time homebuyers, Tim always patiently answered all our countless questions and gave us excellent advice and support when we needed it. On our next real estate endeavor we’ll be reaching out to him again for sure and will recommend him warmly whenever possible.
Thanks again Tim!

Peter T. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

We worked with Tim last year to buy our first house in SF. We began researching homes to buy over 2 years ago (SF, East bay and back to SF). We met Tim in April 2014 and purchased our home in May 2014 (moved in June 2014!).

Tim provided us with detailed knowledge and viewings of areas we could consider as investment. Tim clarified exactly what we needed to do to compete in San Francisco’s ultra competitive market. In the end we found two houses we liked, one offer was outbid but Tim encouraged us to place an offer on a second larger house which we initially felt was out of our budget. That second house is now our home.

Tim was excellent at communicating throughout the entire process and especially helpful at ensuring we remained calm during a stressful closing of Escrow. I’d highly recommend Tim to anyone looking to buy.

Angela M. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My fiance and I worked with Tim through the mess which is being a first-time homebuyer in San Francisco. We spent a very long time selecting an agent interviewing four other agents/groups and boy are we glad we did. Tim understands the crazy market here but he doesn’t let that become oppressive to his clients which in itself is a feat. He is incredibly calm and at the same time he is not complacent. We saw over 100 places from August, 2015 to when we made our first (and only!) offer in January 2016. During this time Tim went out of his way to be with us during crucial moments of panic as we considered home after home. He’s well-loved by other realtors (maybe the most important quality) and receives hugs every time he enters an open-house. He guided us through a decision making process without influencing the outcome. He helped us put together a competitive offer without compromising our needs. Now we live in a beautiful home that we love and I can tell you with confidence that had it not been for Tim we’d have given up and still be renting.

Avery A. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My husband and I bought our home in SF last October after diligently searching for 6 months with Tim as our realtor. I found him on Yelp and truly understand why he gets all the 5-star reviews. He’s not just a great real estate agent, but just also a great person. Here are some top items on why I’d recommend Tim to my friends:

First: he never pressured us to buy! We never felt like he was being pushy or trying to “oversell” a house to us. He always pointed out both the pros and cons to each house; which made us really think about each one. When we were on the fence about certain homes, he always said “remember, you have to really love it” and he was right; I’m happy we passed on a couple of homes now that we have our beautiful home near the panhandle.

Two: he’s a wealth of knowledge on real estate and history of SF; we felt we “won” since we had Tim on our team. When we went to Open Houses, the selling agent would always ask who we were working with and they all knew and respected Tim.

Three: he is good at determining comps and the right price to bid. His coaching and understanding of the market helped us win without over-bidding.

Four: he’s super fast to respond which is really important in this fast-paced market. He must work all waking hours of the day since he would respond always within an hour (and both my husband and I would send a lot of emails!).

We will also use Tim in the next few years when we’re ready to sell our house 🙂 You can’t go wrong with Tim!

Ann B. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

So I had this crazy idea to purchase a home in San Francisco. Thanks to Tim we found our home within 2 months and moved in by the end of 3. Unheard of!

Tim is:
* Strategic – knows how to use time (yours and his) most effectively during the search and positions offers as attractively as possible.
* Thorough – responds to every single question, finds and summarizes listings matching your criteria, reads through and summarizes every disclosure package.
* Responsive – answers emails within 24 hrs (usually much less)
* Knowledgeable – leverages his experience and knowledge of the process to guide you over hurdles and ambiguities. He also knows exactly how much a property will sell for.
* Hilarious – keeps it light and stays positive through a stressful and frustrating process
* Honest – manages expectations
* Professional – As young first time home buyers, Tim took us seriously. We always felt like his only client.
* A Closer – Tim got our offer accepted even with a higher offer on the table

We couldn’t have done this without Tim.

Zack C. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Our banker recommended Tim, our friends validated Tim, and all of Yelp keeps endorsing Tim, so we didn’t think twice, we called Tim and asked him the impossible: “Help us buy a single family home with an in-law expansion in the world’s hottest market, all under $1M”.

And as of yesterday, Tim dropped by our condo to give us the key to a massive house we never thought we could own in this hot market. We could not be happier!!!

How did he do it? He’s hyper-patient, never pushes you to a decision, knows what every house will sell for, helps you place a bid you’re comfortable with and avoids participating in bidding wars, but rather focuses on getting you the house you truly want at the price that’s actually worth it. It of course helps a ton that every other realtor in the market respects Tim and knows that he chooses his clients well.

It did not stop here: Tim introduced us to several bankers and helped us get an unbeatable mortgage rate, he introduced us to very qualified general contractors who will work with us to upgrade the house, and he gave us priceless advice on market trends for renovations that will add value to the house if we ever were to put it back on the market.

We wholeheartedly recommend any serious buyer or seller to contact Tim.

Thank you for this incredible journey Tim.

Payman N.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

TL;DR – Tim is extremely knowledgable, detail oriented, patient and friendly.

As a first time home buyer, I had countless questions about the market/process of buying a home in San Francisco. Tim has been in the industry for years, and has an extreme wealth of knowledge of the area. He can describe in great detail the history of each neighborhood.

Tim worked hard to understand what it was I wanted in a home, which Tim also helped me identify through this process.

Whenever things get stressful, Tim was always there to answer questions. He also treated me with an incredible amount of courtesy and respect.

I highly recommend Tim to anyone who is interested in buying property in San Francisco.

Eric P. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim helped me find my loft back in November of 2013. I worked with other agents prior to Tim but I have to say that I was glad to have found him. Tim is undoubtedly busy but it always seemed as though I was his only client. The level of attention and assistance in the home-buying process which I received from Tim was exceptional. I highly recommend him if you are in the market for a home in San Francisco.

Steve Y. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim came recommend to us by our mortgage broker as highly knowledgeable and experienced in the bay area market, and he certainly didn’t disappoint!

My husband and I had set ourselves quite an aggressive time frame to purchase our first property in San Francisco and were relatively unfamiliar with the nuances of the market and to a large extent where to focus our search.

Tim provided invaluable insight into the dynamics of this incredibly competitive and somewhat irrational market and from day one was professional, responsive and focused on our goals. While he is very in-demand, he is clearly an excellent time manager and was always very prompt in responding to our queries and requests. He is incredibly knowledgable about not only the current state of the market and the idiosyncrasies of its many and varied neighborhoods, but also how the market behaved during the housing recession and which neighborhoods were able to retain the most value.

As new entrants into the property market, it was vital to have the guidance that Tim provided, especially when it came down to assessing different properties, analyzing comparable sales, submitting offers and managing counter-offers.

We were so happy working with Tim the first time around that we are doing it again! This time with an investment property in Oakland.

Sybil R. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tim is a clear-eyed beacon in an industry that can be full of misrepresentation and downright falsehoods. There is so much noise to work through when considering a major purchase like real estate that having a calm, experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable counselor is an invaluable asset. My wife and I spent years looking for the right property and Tim was with us for every step. There was never any pressure and he answered every question, no matter how trivial or basic. He’s a man who has the long view and realizes that, when the right situation presents itself, a deal will happen. He spent the first part of his life as an elementary school teacher and he has carried with him a wonderful sense of sharing his knowledge with grace and kindness. He also has a terrific sense of humor which is a godsend when things get stressful. I wish I could have a Tim Gullicksen helping me for all my major decisions in life.

Robert T. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

As first-time home buyers, my wife and I were excited — and pretty scared — about the home-buying process. We knew that the most important thing for us would be to find a Realtor we could trust who would also be fun to spend time with as we searched.

As soon as we met with Tim, we knew we had found our Realtor.

He is pleasant, funny and smart. Tim would listen to us, give us good advice, and not let us make a big mistake. In a much shorter time frame than we though, Tim helped us buy a condo we love at a great price.

Most importantly, Tim does the legwork and research to give context for the very big decisions involved in buying and selling a house. It’s one thing to be helpful and have opinions, but it’s much more important to have the facts.

Less than a year after Tim helped us buy our place (which we still LOVE), we had to move to New York for work. Tim did the research to guide us through the rent-or-sell decision-making process and helped us to come to the conclusion that we should rent for now — even though it only benefits him if we sell.

Even though we only have one property, Tim regularly keeps us up to date on the San Francisco market and we have full confidence in him to help us when the time is right to sell.

We consider Tim a trusted friend and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

Ron E. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I concur with all the positive reviews without needing to say more!! Tim is AWESOME!!

Silvio B. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

im made it so easy to sell our house. He talked us through the different options, gave us excellent advice, and made sure we understood everything. He answered all of our questions and responded to our emails quickly. Plus, he makes sure that all of the details get handled.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a house, you won’t go wrong with Tim.

Charlie G. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟